About Us

Frankenhuffer Productions loves to work outside the box, and though we’re constantly working on new and original dark comedy film ideas, there are plenty of other things we can do. Commercials, industrials, web content, music videos… pretty much anything else you want to toss our way. We also work with the best, most talented people in the industry when it comes to sound design, post-production and even special effects. Toss that in the mix and we’re the perfect solution for you.

Ty Huffer, CEO

Ty Huffer resides in Seattle, Washington and is a graduate of the Seattle Film Institute. A writer, director, editor, and shooter he has made award winning films such as the feature Bite Size, a dark sci-fi indie comedy about a man who wakes up to find a talking shark in his hot tub. He is also the creator of award winning shorts and music videos. A film fanatic at a young age, it was his interest in telling fun and compelling stories, and inspiration from films like Big Trouble, Little China and Omega Man that made him pursue a career in film. He continues to create engaging stories, think outside of the box, and push out new content aiming to stretch the viewer’s imaginations, surprise them, and most importantly make them laugh.


Partners in crime

Houdini’s Tree

Original music scores for many of our films.


Art direction, Frankenhuffer logo/identity design and CGI in our films.


Frankenhuffer partnered up with a few other funny people to create a hilarious and raunchy series of shorts known as PUCKER.

Festivals & Awards

Ego Boost

Winner of Seattle’s International Film Festival 2011 3 Minute Masterpiece competition.

Worst Night To Grow a Pair

Official selection of Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival.

Bite Size

Winner of the Indie Gathering 2009 Horror/Comedy category.

Looks of L.A.

Winner of Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2010 Music Video Challenge Audience & Jury Awards

Bite Size

Winner of the Horror/Comedy category at The Indie Gathering
Sea Breeze Film Festival 2010
Washington Grown Film Festival 2009
Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2009

Someone For Everyone (PUCKER)

Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival Official Selection 2010
RAWSTOCK Short Film Festival 2009

Two Pumps to Paradise (PUCKER)

RAWSTOCK Short Film Festival 2009

Whales & Waterfalls (PUCKER)

RAWSTOCK Short Film Festival 2009


Runner up in The Stranger’s 28 second Film Contest

Jabrone Theory

Puget Sound Cinema Film Society

I Heart You

Winner of the Seattle Student Film Festival


Microsoft; Blockbuster; Vendaria, Inc.; Bissell; Ice Cold 10 (band) and more!