Bite Size (Feature Film)

Our award-winning dark comedy feature film “Bite Size”. Watch the DVD release promo and more!

Douglas Peatry’s life is a routine nothing more than bland. He goes to work every day at a mediocre job, tries to avoid confrontation with his tormenting coworkers, and basks in life’s simple pleasures like fish sticks and his hot tub. All of that changes when two animal rights amateurs uncover a secret government experiment by rescuing a live and dangerous scientific specimen, a shark with a human brain, and dispose of it in the first place they stumble upon: Douglas’s hot tub.Douglas discovers the opportunity for sweet vengeance against all who have wronged him… at one-hundred and one degrees. But how long will it be before reality comes crashing down?


Winner of the Horror/Comedy category at The Indie Gathering
Sea Breeze Film Festival 2010
Washington Grown Film Festival 2009
Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2009


Executive Producers: Ty Huffer, Alexa Allamano
Writer and Director: Ty Huffer
Director of Photography and Camera Ops: Ty Huffer
Associate Producer and AD Alisha Geck
Score and Sound Design: Houdini’s Tree
Special FX: Andy Seery
Opening Crddits Sequence: MediaKatalyst

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Director’s Notes

Bite Size is the epitome of an independent film. The script was written around locations the crew would be able to secure including the main location of the hot tub, the same hot tub that inspired the story for Bite Size.

The film was primarily funded out-of-pocket by the director, and also with the magnanimous help of many friends and a single fundraiser. An local NW cast and crew worked for the sheer joy of filmmaking, a few pizzas, Vitamin Water and Jones Soda (many thanks to the two latter companies’ generous contributions to the project). Some costumes were donated by Champion’s while most of the wardrobe was provided by the actors themselves.

Using a DVX 100 camera, a few shop lights and a homemade soft box the cast and crew worked late hours to get the necessary night scenes completed, much to the chagrin of the surrounding homeowners. With the help of the Digital Media school of the University of Washington the crew was able to film the shark point of view shots with an underwater camera case.

Production stills

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