Worst Night to Grow a Pair (Short Film)

About the film

“Worst Night to Grow a Pair” is a love story… between a man and his bar. After months of searching for a replacement for the ultimate dive bar ‘The Jungle Room’, Rex decides to reclaim his favorite watering hole only to find his ex-girlfriend, Becks, and her bachelorette party of slizzards raising hell. If that isn’t enough to derail Rex’s plans, ousted comedian, Rambis, arrives to unveil his newest material. What the ‘Jungle Room’ patrons don’t realize is that Rambis is not only unfunny, but violently unstable and determined to perform his set at any cost, aided by his savage, nut-bag manager- Mandrell. When a hostage situation overtakes the bar it is up to Rex to protect his one true love, ‘The Jungle Room’.

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Worst Night_STIFF Red Carpet

Here’s a cast and crew group shot from our premiere at Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival. “Worst Night to Grow a Pair” headlined a sold out block of shorts in a theater packed with Worst Night fans. The premiere went so great they added a second screening to the festival.

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Here are some behind the scenes pictures with our incredibly talented Northwest cast and crew.

All behind the scene photos courtesy of Kevin Ray Smith


Our producers have been taken hostage by an overzealous actor already getting into character. He’ll be releasing new ransom videos as the campaign progresses and reaches different goals.Donatebefore it’s too late!


The Characters

The Creators

Written by Ty Huffer and Matthew Burtner
Director: Ty Huffer
Producer: Matthew Burtner
Consulting Producer: Will Chase